introduction into a Crypto world

Great star JavaScript which is in some with the foundation of a lot of the development that happens. In the software world to uska expert Kaise Bane mastering data structures and algoriths.

 Using C and C plus plus programming language C O C plus plus. Shuru Kari Thi it slightly dated and a hard language lekin uska jo fundamentals and are those are very strong. To create another bus Gai then almost every language.

Uses the same thing to aap khud data structures are is Gordon ke bare mein batata. Hai that is brilliant because it’s just using C and C plus plus as a mechanism but not something that you need to learn specifically. SQL is a very powerful tool and the complete SQL bootcamp is again a great course for you. To get started John a software engineering journey to complete that another career option for me.


That I would love to pursue is a US or Ui Designer yuexiu I kya hota hai it means customer. Experience our customer interface user interface basically Jab aap app ko use kar rahe hote hain website. Copy blouse kar rahe hote hain to whatever is happening when you click on it.

When you enter something was up that is the bakken that we seek with code Jo Ek kam kar bar. But how does it look what is the experience around it ki 1 click Karke vah kahan Ko Le Jayega Kidhar kaun sa section kholega.

Agar aap app par hain 10 what will happen if you move your fingers here and there what happens. If you zoom in zoom out with your fingers that is user interface and User experience which is a powerful element of our own experiences.

When we use technology

To mujhe lagta hai ki mein bahut hi Achcha yuvak Sar yah you are developer Ban sakta. Hun who knows taken Agar Mujhe banne ki Chaho course I would think is number. One build responsive Real world website with HTML and CSS HTML and CSS website.

Uski foundation and everything else build on that so this will be my entry into that world. User experience design Essentials Adobe XD Laika that is the ko software that a lot of you Axes and UI designers used to build that the entire navigation.

Jo hum dekhte hain Apne apps Mein Sar glass to get started on that and in figma. UI UI UX design Essentials pig my collaborative tools Hai specifically designed. For design Jahan aap jaise Google Docs Mein Ham word pic kuch banate hain.

Needed ethereum is the platform on which gets build quality is the language equivalent. Discover banta hai that then helps you become a blockchain.

 Developer which is a great

Introduction into a Crypto world CPU mining on an Android device was a log Hain. Jo mine karna chahte hain thereon necessary want to become a developer so you could go and understand. How that happens and then finally a comprehensive ethereum blockchain development course.

Ethereum pay his jyadatar Jesus ban rahi hai Bitcoin is more of a store of value and a token currency ethereum. Is more of a protocol Jiske basis pair Jiske Upar bahut sari chij se ban rahi hai. So this course makes you go through the entire fundamentals of that absolutely recommend.

It Ek Aisa Paisa Jo I think I would be very interested in equity trader bhulunga. So there is a very strong cab at treating Maybelline nahin karta hun because I don’t think I am thinking I don’t think I will make a good credit.

U trailer click to watch your hota hai bahut sense of urgency honi chahie. Most to which I have but I don’t want in my life I would become a long-term investor long-term investors Jahan. Mujhe pata hai ki agar Sahi price per Jankari Denge aur usko fold Karke Rakhenge then it will over time give you great results.

The Warren Buffett way of doing it to Agar Mujhe trader Banna ho ya investable now. Then the causes I would pick up is one technical analysis masterclass bahut badhiya ko sahi mein dosa pahle course liya tha and it taught me a lot about treating.

Which I would not necessarily

Used for trading but I would be used for finding ki best price kya ho sakta hai. Or is this a good point of entry for a certain stock or not not driven by the fundamentals of the company. But driven by that technicals of how the stock price has moved the complete Foundation stock trading course.

Which is again a great course bahut Sare trading ke Hanuman sazon game. But it will sensitized you ki fundamentals Kaise dekhte hain company ki report kaise badhate hain Swanand sofa Mere Sath kalpanik.

Paise Jo Mein Apne Le Chus kar chuka Ho using a frame work of what am I good. At what makes me happy and what is it that the world would need over the next one decade bahut ikigai se Milta. Vah Framework has so you would have got it man ek hi ke upar bhi bahut Sare videos Banaye has so you can check them.

Out but through these courses

I would prepare myself for the seven professions again a reminder Agar aapko bhi. Course ko lete hain through the links that I have shared then I on an affiliate free 100% of which goes towards the sponsorship of kids for their higher education.

To keep ho jaega aise nahi forward kar sakte thank you so much for helping others thank you so much for participating. In this video is required to sign in here you are my first ever book is now ready to affection. Is now available for free order would mean the world to be issued pre ordered this right now your love means so much to me.