life changing books for student

Books that I get and not to separate the books reading and I find that if I give these books. To someone else they could change their lives as well as a bookseller end up getting and I love. 

Gifting is a traditional love gifting books in general biggest I believe. That a book literally costing 200-300 400 rupees in change somebody. Is life it’s changed mine in so many ways I go back to the books.that have deep clean factored me have left turn and the fact that the. 

Book written my someone random in some random Universe has reached. Me now way that just absolutely alter the path of what I was on in this video.

I wanted to share the top 5 books that I loved so much that they have become my most gifted books but for that you will have. To stick to the video this is my best rid of 2020 and in within a year it has come. To the top five gifted books already its a book that I would absolutely strongly recommend to anyone who. 

Wishes to know about money

The psychology of money it’s written by a great author Morgan housel he’s been writing. credible articles on a blog. Several years and have been following. him through that came out with the book was super excited and when I read the. 

Book was not disappointed even born baby this book will change the way that you look at me. If you change everything you should know about money because it really goes into as the books as the.psychology of its not stressing upon what is money how does money work in. 

General how do you invest how do you grow but it goes deep into why do we treat money. The way that we do it is it different so important and why is it so easy to lose it reduced maintenance so hard. To it and keep it brilliant absolutely brilliant book strongly recommended. 

Top 5 most gifted books

In weather near my top 5 most gifted books the book that I believe this brought. Together every thing that I had come to know about life I live life not as per goals.or targets I live life not as perLokesh and lot of people who Follow Me regularly know that I think about rework. 

Alot so they have imported and every day I get Instagram DM se reading this book. Loving it in my life thank you so much for it and organises time the person who give this book. To me because it is my life is well I’m glad that is changing is a very special give away during this. 

Video that you will get to know through which you can get a copy of one of these. Five books and truly free with the handwritten note the book that I believe is the the most powerful.


Way of looking at life

Written in a manner that funny provocative written a manner that is not usually well settling. But just in some way 6:00 you up in a good and and leaves you thinking. 

Like nothing else The Subtle art of not giving a I love the book it was Gai cal mark Manson. If you’ve read him you know that he uses the f word as freely as one can and use it with such. 

Power and such impact person is give me that I can’t help but take notice. This is basically about how you don’t have to live life the way the people prescribe you don’t have to care. 

About everything that is happening around the world how to not give a it’s basically saying that. So many things happen in your life outside of your control that you have.

To Preserve

Where you spend your attention you have to preserve way you spend your energy don’t just. Randomly go by distributing the to everything that happens and describes and it shows in guys at all have to do it brilliant.

Read very easy to see it’s very thin book absolutely highly recommended, I give it to anyone that I know has a mind of a Rubber but yet haven’t truly. 

Understood what it means they never mind of someone who is willing to take. A stand outside of what the world wants but don’t In Dino that would strongly recommend a book that I think is a compilation of multiple. Books in one it’s a book that doesn’t have a start I have a finish. 

Evelyn life and not just a single

What I love about it is that I can open up to any page and draw any and every lesson that that page whole. Tools of the Titans this guy who runs one of the most successful podcast. In the world the Tim ferriss show where he interviews people who have done commendable. 

Serum industry but across Industries the politician’s sports people musician entrepreneu. Thinkers Academics and what is done as his come and all those conversations into a book that is rightfully calls the tools that it basically what are the. 

Mannerisms the habit what’s the world views over the people that he has interviewed. It’s a fact book but as I said he doesn’t have to start from somewhere in and it somewhere it’s literally speaking. Up any page that you can I am I Next thing you know that you’re reading. 

Atomic Habits Does Absolute Full Justice

About Bryan callen and the next thing you know you’re reading about Andrew.  Zimmern and it says on and on people whose name this is where I want to go this is where I want to be this is one Amara cheese I live life habits I know that if I have the right habits that. 

Will take me to completely different destinations that I couldn’t. even decide for myself I started and  to the concept of habits it basically does the pond what. it said atomic beautifully detailed how do you really get to this habit forming. Happened people think whenMos the first thing but and small this we is loves this. is right now my most gifted book because so many of you right.

In asking about how do I make a change in my life how do I make a change my mind set how do. I make a change in my. career how do I make a change in the way. I think to be that the weathert in my life.Free.