Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker Biography, Age, Height, Networth & More – Unveiling the Life of Forest Whitaker’s Brother

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker, better known as Kenn Whitaker, is a former actor with a modest but memorable portfolio in Hollywood. Born on June 8, 1963, he shares not only his professional realm but also a strong familial bond with the Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker. Despite the striking resemblance that often leads to the misconception that they are twins, Kenn is in fact the younger brother of Forest. With a height that adds to his commanding screen presence, Kenn Whitaker has established his identity beyond the shadows of his famous sibling.

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The Whitaker family origins trace back to a deeply artistic and culturally rich background, a reminiscent influence that is observable in their contributions to the world of cinema. Both brothers ventured into the acting industry, although Kenn’s career was more succinct in comparison to Forest’s extensive filmography. As it relates to his education, details regarding Kenn’s academic pursuits remain relatively private, reflecting his choice to maintain a low public profile post his acting career.

Speculation about whether Kenn and Forest are twins has been a topic of interest among fans due to their similar features. However, they are not twins; they are two of four siblings, each with their own unique paths in life. Kenn Whitaker’s career in entertainment, although shorter than his brother’s, has included roles in notable films such as “Life” and “Most Wanted.” Despite stepping back from the spotlight, his legacy within the industry endures through the few yet impactful roles he portrayed.

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker Profile Summary

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  • Name: Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker
  • Profession: Former Actor
  • Active Years: 1997-2001

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker, better known as Kenn Whitaker, is recognized for his past involvement in Hollywood as an actor. Despite a brief acting career, his performances have left a lasting impression on audiences. His filmography includes roles in movies such as “Most Wanted,” “Bulworth,” “Life,” “Last Days,” and “Theory of The Leisure Class.”

Kenn’s physical resemblance to his older brother, the acclaimed actor Forest Whitaker, has often led to public intrigue about their familial connection. Kenn stands as an individual in his own right with his own set of talents and contributions to the entertainment industry.

As per available information:

Family Background:

  • Siblings: Forest Whitaker (Brother), Damon Whitaker (Brother), Deborah Whitaker (Sister)

Contrary to popular belief, Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker are not twins. Kenn’s background is intertwined with that of his famous brother, Forest, yet he has managed to distinguish his identity both on-screen and off-screen.


  • Attended Palisades Charter High School in Palisades, California

Personal Life:

  • Kenn prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye, emphasizing a distinction between his professional acting career and private life.

In terms of his physical attributes, specific details about Kenn Whitaker’s height and age are not extensively documented in the public domain. Given his retirement from acting, Kenn Whitaker’s present-day activities are relatively unknown to the media.

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker Details:

NameKenneth Dwayne Whitaker
NicknameKenn Whitaker
ProfessionFormer Actor
Active Years1997-2001
Birth DateJune 8, 1963
Age (as of 2024)61 Years
Weight78 kg
Eye color Dark brown 
Hair color Black
Family BackgroundSiblings: Forest Whitaker (Brother), Damon Whitaker (Brother), Deborah Whitaker (Sister)
Marital StatusUnmarried
EducationAttended Palisades Charter High School in Palisades, California
Notable Films“Most Wanted”, “Bulworth”, “Life”, “Last Days”, “Theory of The Leisure Class”
Sibling ComparisonNot twins with Forest Whitaker; often misconceived due to their physical resemblance
Networth$1 million – $12 million (Approx.)

Early Life and Family Background

A family tree with Kenn Whitaker connected to Forest Whitaker, showing their early life and family background

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker’s beginnings in the entertainment industry are closely linked to his family and upbringing, coupled with a supportive educational environment that fueled his passion for acting.

Forest Whitaker’s Brother

Kenn Whitaker is the younger brother of the acclaimed actor Forest Whitaker. He shares with Forest not just familial ties but also a connection to the arts. Despite frequent public interest, they are not twins as often misconceived; Forest Whitaker was born in 1961, while Kenn Whitaker arrived two years later, in 1963.

Whitaker’s Family Background

The Whitaker family hails from a creative background that undoubtedly influenced Kenn Whitaker’s career path. Kenn is one of four siblings, and along with Forest, they have two other brothers, Damon and Deborah Whitaker. Their parents, Laura Francis Smith, a special education teacher, and Forest Steven Jr., an insurance salesman, raised their family with a focus on education and individual expression.

Educational Background

Kenn’s educational journey provided a foundation for his acting career. He attended Palisades Charter High School in Palisades, California, where he graduated before venturing into the world of acting. His time in school was marked by average academic achievements, but acting was a consistent interest throughout his youth.

Professional Life

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker, Forest Whitaker's brother, in a professional setting

Kenn Whitaker has established his own footprint in Hollywood separate from his more famous brother, Forest Whitaker.

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker Biography

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker, better known as Kenn Whitaker, embarked on his acting career in the late 1990s. He appeared in a number of films, notably his roles in Most Wanted (1997) and Life (1999). His performance in Life, alongside Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, remains one of his most recognizable works. Beyond these roles, Kenn’s acting credits include Bulworth (1998) and Last Days.

Despite having a brief active period in Hollywood from 1997 to 2001, Kenn’s contributions to the entertainment industry made a lasting impression. His decision to step away from acting after this period marked a shift in his career trajectory. However, the specifics of his professional endeavors post-acting remain largely private, maintaining a low profile compared to his brother Forest.

Personal Details

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In this section, we provide factual details about Kenn Whitaker, focusing on his age, height, and his relationship with his brother Forest Whitaker.

Kenn Whitaker Age

Kenn Whitaker was born on June 8, 1963, making him 61 years old as of the current year, 2024.

Kenn Whitaker Height

Kenn Whitaker stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, which is typical of the Whitaker family’s stature.

Are Kenn and Forest Whitaker Twins

Despite their strong resemblance, Kenn and Forest Whitaker are not twins. Kenn is the younger brother of Forest Whitaker, who was born on July 15, 1961.