How To Get Top Rank In MBA

About my ISB MBA experience and fully through that leave you with an idea. What to expect if you’re considering as b do you know my story. I went to ISB but I want to ISB when I was a 5 year old school. I joined has been 2005 purani Baat and at that point of time ise B was not.

What it is today it was not yet a top school was not ranked in the top 20. The world was not ranked in the top places of the country the one year. MBA itself was such a new thing and at that point of time joining. As B was a very different experience from what it may be today.

My experience for ISB I I was a PhD student in the US doing a completely different thing. I was working towards becoming a space scientist that. Lala wanted to do for the longest.

I knew and while I was a PhD student in the US had completed 2 years.  realise that Physics for something that. I was good at but it didn’t make me happy it was the first time it struck me.

That what you’re good at and what makes you happy E to B two entirely different.

I have two choices

to make in life choice one was because I’m good at something. I continue doing it and it will give me whatever the world cause a success and shortcut.

Bangla gadi all those things will come back you ki. Mrs macha but it’s quite likely that I would not be happy to it the second choice prosperous. You whatever happens is meant that I didn’t know what happened is meant. I knew that what I was doing it make me happy.

Decided the age of funny for to quit in property of my PhD program Inka back. India but because he was this very very clear that. I would not be happy doing it it suspense like the right decision. When I came back from the US I was clueless I did not have any plan.

Direction we come from

a very humble background. Effective anything we were under financial distress because my dad. Just left his job and he started his own business which wasn’t doing.

So well so we were under a lot of financial. That is all around it was not great space to be and that one of time. I was quite confused and my friends or like you. Confused so why don’t you do what most confuse people to get an. MBA I’d gone to Delhi universities of course.

Lot of people had gone for And the best thing about the program. He was a bunch of work experienced people. Who are coming together for me to spend time with people who was so different from me and would. Actually done rail things in life. Would be the best learning platform for me and that’s why the eyes be felt so feeling. I gave ISB application assurance.

Thankfully we made it I want to walk through the application process because back then. It was very different to give us a application process se Gujarat. I had a very high level of appreciation for the ISB process. GMAT exam then number but I was told that it’s enough.

Just made through application process

tha jismein teen assess the Mujhe Yad Nahin voices kya bilkul us application. Jaise The that what is the best thing about you why do you want to do in ISB MBA. What are your plans after an MBA so on and so forth in the Recommendation.

Which was people that could recommend you because they know you. They worked with you or they have have taught you so. I give the entire application process are short and I wasshortlisted for the interview then. I went for the interview and still remember it.

Taj Hotel in Delhi and I enter any three people one from the administration to alum sorry. I speak interview ki Ghas khate ki interview Karne Wale albums hote hain usually maybe bahut bar interview. Khatam ISB ka aaj tak karta hun fun experience Mujhse poochh rahe the ki kya.

Chal raha hai kya Nahin Hai yah Jindagi Mein Koi Nahin. Hai I would never shortlist you which was frankly. The truth I had nothing going for a finance job that moment I’m the only thing that I could reply.