Mutual Funds Me Invest Kaise Kare

Doston main investing ke upar bahut Sare videos banae Hain 2018 kaise kiya jaaye 38west kaise kiya jaaye Sare Mein videos Mein yah hai ki Equity stocks Ek major 

Component Hona chahie aapke investment strategy car kharidne Ke Do tarike hote hain kya karte hain yah khareed sakte hain something call Mutual Funds is video mein mein Mutual Funds kya hote hain unke

Bare mein kya kya Mein Jaanta hun vah Sara aapke sath aap apni kar sakte hain kya hai 

S0 investment strategy

may direct stock Street Aate Hain Jo ki mein karta hun lekin Jaruri 

Nahin hai ki vah aapka bhi approach Hona chahie bahut Sare log Hain Jo stocks select karne mein bahut Maher Hai humse Jyada 

Aap direction of khareed sakte hain karta hun lekin Jaruri nahin hai ki vah Kabhi mein bahut jyada 

To do that for us Ek chala rahe Honge Ek Unka excise hoga jo ki Kafi hundred thousand lakh karod Navata Hai depending kitna bada mutual fund hai aur ham Jaise retail investors fund ke units kharidte Hain Hamare liye Karte Hain 

Which would be hundred first se leke to 50th size of the company of the latter has small care which is 250 se upar Lekin Apne Paisa dala hai Sal se pahle aap Wapas Nahin nikal Sakte ka 

Ek Jaise company ka stock price hota hai vaise hi mutual fund ka ek n Net Asset Value hota hai Kyuki Itna complicated Nahin to aap ek n a v k basis per use mutual fund ke Agar hai aur aap Swaroop invest karna chahte hain to aap is Mutual Fund ke at 20 rupees 5 units kara 

Denge and their mutual fund form Karega places where it is investing its money vaise vaise ki raha hai abhi sakta hai Kyunki Upar Jayegi niche Jayegi depends on what the market 

Volatility of the market

 Usi ke Chalte aapka bhi Upar ya niche Ja sakta hai 1 Sal Tak ke rakhte Hain Jo Bhi aapane chij kharidi

Hai Kahan hai number to historical performance ROC price ki visheshta affordances aap kabhi bhi decide nahin kar sakte ki stock kharidna chahie Ki Nahin important for you to know 

What is the cause of cup Paisa Usi units Mein translate there is something call expense ratio expense ratio is ki job Paisa De Denge uska Kitna is karne mein Jayega as expense 

Important keys can go to managing the fund

Ki salary kitni hai Logon Ko deploy karna hai list export song Allah Sab Ko jagane Ke Liye Kuch. Aisa Tu chahie and expense ratio natural Hai kam ho refund. Achcha Hoga Kyunki aap ki jo hai paisa hai from.

What that is exactly make a Raha hai is khareed Mein Hai. Ya middlemen Hai Ya agent Hai Jiska bhi kharcha. Pani likha so amount of money that you are eating is lekin on the other hand aajkal generation has an option of growing direct. I what does that mean you go online and you the fund in kis aapko sirf expense ratio of the fund. Hoga paper any any broker.

Because most of these apps are Commission Re they do not charge anything from you to buy or sell a mutual. That comesthe final part which is Mutual Fund makeup Ka Kya Hai.

Mushkil up your main already aap Logon ke sath share Kiya. Hai which are used to track my money is the one that. I am going to share with you and it’s called in. Monday aapane in mani ke bare mein suna hai ki nahin. India’s number one financial tracking app super Money 

App aapke pass Jo job investments have whether it is in mutual. Funds whether it is in stocks that it’s in US stocks whether it’s in real estate weather PPF which is a key app tracker, which personally for me is something that. I absolutely love and it’s a really solid founders really solid.

Investors should be extremely safe

It has a very very robust audit process to make sure that it is 100% applied and look for. Mutual Funds there are basically about job dekhna Chahte up and you just want to put your money.

Use aap it direct stock nigarina. Because you have no basis of that they greet me to do that is to do something called index fund. Call made has given 57% return unbelievable. 3 saal Mein it is only given 12% FIR.

Mein invest

Then it started rising liquid se pahle because the index was also flat. Which is not bad not bad 12%, really long period of time is it ok. Mutual fund prospectus  1 means agar aap.

sorry 99.9 rupees will be invested and only 4.1 % will be used for running. This and minimum mahine Mein is Mutual Fund. Subscribe kar sakte hain aur mahine hajar rupaye dete Rahenge. It will keep growing 1375 crores Kafi Bada find hai and minimum lamps.

Please you can make that lumpsum happened 99.4 6% is on equity. You will see the split 40% financial services 15%. Technology 12% energy which is basically are index are fine and you go below. It will have things like exit road exit load wale which means a bechenge ICF.

Kuku Paisa nahi charge. Hoga it is absolutely going to be whatever is the any at that time into the number of units. It you have you will get that money and if you buy through in money there.

Commission as well as and it can be, as low as se 2000 rupees value true. That it will tell you ki in the next 10 years agar aap bro Hazaro. Pahar minor darling that can grow potentially 24.3 2 lacs using this index fund 20 years 20000. Can become 55000, Which is almost three times which is great and is thus person tax.