Naye career ko kaise consider kare

Mein 2022 mein hun aur mein 41 ka Nahin 21 Ka Aur Mein Apne college se thoda Pareshan Ho man Baap ne bola tha ki engineer Punjab doctor Ban jao CA Man Jao Kuchh Ban jao lekin Jayshree baat hai ki usko karne mein Mujhe maja Nahin a Raha.

I want to consider a new career and pursue kar sakte hain then what would I try to do a list of things that I am good at things that excite me things that I believe are going to happen in the next decade.  which will set me up and Mein Aise 7 careers aapke sath share karna chahta hun jo mujhe lagta hai Agar mere pass mauka Hota tu Mein apne liye juice Karta this is not a recommendation and this is definitely not meant to make you feel bad.


Agar aap Insaaf career message Ek Karen nahin kar rahe this is just my way of presenting something to you talking Agar aapke pass Vahi flexibility hai jo maine apne liye Kalpana kari hai then you can also consider these for yourself here is how I went through the process which may be useful for this question what are the things that I am good at it cheese jis mein Achcha Hun Ki Main Ek list mein something I am good and good with numbers are good.

I am also good at connecting with people

Excel sheet and good with looking at numbers and finding patterns cheese I am good at computers and Technology in general Mujhe Technology se dar nahi lagta Mujhe computer se dar nahi lagta hai I can actually spen

Great teams are not so good at working in very complex very challenging situations Jahan Shayad bahut Sare log han Manaya lekin mujhe nahin Manana mujhe bahut maja aata hai ki pahunchi challenge in Se Koi chij Aur Usko Mein face kar paaun aur shirt kar. 

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Started my life all over again I realise Kis chij Ko karne mein mein Achcha hun Jaruri nahin hai ki Usi Kisko. karne mein Mujhe Khushi milati hai chal Unse Mein Shabd second questionWays to India and started my life all over again I realise Kis chij Ko karne mein mein.

Achcha hun Jaruri nahin hai ki Usi Kisko karne mein. Mujhe Khushi milti hai chal Unse Mein Shabd second question. In the future or less of these things in the future Jo Koi Bhi intersection of things that I am good at and things that make me happy kya. Duniya Ko iski jarurat Jyada aur Jyada hoti Rahegi as we move along ya Kamya Kamya kam hoti Rahegi as mobile and give me another sense

I feel the world will need more and more

I am good at things that make me happy and things that in the next decade and frankly Minister 10 sal ke panic Zindagi Bhar ki planning nahin kar rahi hai because one thing is very clear our careers will keep changing more

Rapidly than what was for parents to get Duniya Itni this is a badal rahi hai ki jisse bhi aap Shuru kar rahe hain aap usse khatm Nahin Karenge agar aap koi bhi pesh mein abhi hai it is found to change in the next five to 10 years to Ki Duniya.

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Kitni Teji se Badal Rahi Hai you will have to upgrade you will have to reconsider Renu choice to the sun and agar aap in professionals to pursue karna chahte hain Din what are the courses that you could take that I have also chosen for myself if I want to get deep into these professions and start thinking of them are actively and seriously.

Sabse pahla profession and this is not in any rank or any order is data scientist version number sirf Pyar Hai Mujhe inter scientist sunane mein bahut Achcha lagta hai importantly I genuinely believe ki deta Jo Hai vah Is Duniya Ko Ek tarike se rule Karega and someone who has the ability to navigate through data Ek Aisa Insan jo deta kotekar pattern samajh sakta hai.

Concept samajh sakta hai

Applied that to form decisions and 24 form judgement is absolutely critical data scientist is something that I started myself with female sochana Shuru Kiya and there were a few things that caught my attention. machine learning hands on Python and Rbourbonnais Python arag ke Bera Mein Sona. Hai from my team members from people that I hired at nearby as well machine learning.

So fascinating to ki aap apni Samay Aisa Nahin but machine kshamta se Kuchh usko Sikha rahe hain. which is just so incredibly scalable so that is one course that. I would pick up number to the data science course. 2020 12 analysis to aapko chahie Hoga around data.