Imp questions that become a data scientist.

science getting through the depth and the fundamentals of everything and the third positive pics for myself was deep learning han ads on artificial neural networks incident. Li neural networks agar aap To Nahin Pata Hai per that’s perfectly fine neural network Si Aisi chiz h Jisme many research kiya tha when I was a PhD student in the US the can of course I quit.

that Mujhe realise work Ki Vo neural networks was actually the most interesting thing of my entire PhD but was a very small part of my entire research Agar Mujhe Vahi Jise 100% karne ko Mile then that would make me Mansi happy so these were the three questions that it for myself I had to become a data scientist.

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Copywriting Itna important aspect head digital marketing cost per thousand Impressions and get the digital marketer Bangash pages book physics book bolne wala Facebook YouTube Google AdSense ad network. Jaan gaye the digital marketer Bankar Nahin copywriting is just an important aspect if not more to ki jab tak aap Sahi dhang se add nahi likh Payenge log usko click hi nahin Karenge Chahe Jitna Bhi Paisa kharch kar rahe ho and this is a course for this.

that I would strongly recommend and the third one is digital marketing agency social media marketing business business side ka hai so while it teaches you how to become a disc kal market share it also teaches you.

That if you want to have your own digital

marketing agency how can you go about doing that which is something that I was strongly recommend as well the third profession. that I would choose from myself is product manager project manager mujhe lagta hai kiye roll high quality product manager 1 crore Hota Hai Jahan aapko Ek Technology product manager banaya jata hai to imagine Kariye ki Zomato vs swiggy Ka Jo app Hai Uska Ek head of product and that person’s job.

iski Jaise aap kam Karta Hai they have to take care hota hai Usi ke andar andar product managers hote hain to Koi product manager Hoga Jiski responsibility Hogi sirf swachh figure karna ki jab mai kuch kar raha hun Biryani then what are the listing chalenge what is the order of this listing.

That I get so on and so Ek Insaan

Hai product manager whose only and only job is se checkout ki Jab Main pura Apna card banaa liya hai aur mein paise dene ke liye taiyar hun the fastest Marathon Mein Kaise uska checkout pura kar sakta hai delivery post-sales ke experience ko maintain karna karna chahta hun ki Kitni dur hai delivery agents on product managers responsible for small small pieces of the entire puzzle.

building up to the entire product which is done by the head of product leading role and career option is specially if you’re looking for the next 10 years agar ismein aap apne Foundation established karna chahte hain/

mein courses at is become a product manager which is a very fundamental course Kari 40000 student is Cosco Le Chuke Hain very highly rated from udemy as well second one is advanced product management vision strategy and matrix product management Ek bahut hi technical field nahin hai but Hatim metric different field aapko code karna Jaruri Nahin Hona chahie.

ya nahin hai ki aapko engineering aani chahie software aapko code karna aata hai but you need the ability to look at data and to also make sense ki kaun si chij chal rahi hai kaun si Nahin chal rahi hai give that feedback back to the engineering team.

So that they can work

on it and Pita this course teaches us that the next one by a Microsoft product manager called the great product manager and an entire course on this bahut badhiya code say it gives you a deep perspective from someone who is actually a product manager.

ki kaun kaun si chij se Hote Hain Jo Ek product manager Khile zaroori hote hain in their entire career and I would strongly recommend this cause if you want to consider product management as a career option for you next Oriya Mujhse bahut bada Sawal Pucha Gaya aur mere Sawal Ka Jawab hota hai ki

koi Aisi chij isko aap karte hain and frankly mae apni Jindagi Mein Kisi Ki when I was growing up school mein bacche Baithe the computer lab mein ghusne se pahle Apne jute nikaalte the Kyunki vahan