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All of our attorneys are largely educated in handling construction accident cases, including those involving falls from heights, graduation accidents, altar accidents, crane accidents, falling objects, passages and falls on construction spots, slips and falls on construction spots, electric shock accidents, and accidents involving power sayings and powered ministry.
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In construction accident cases, our platoon works to identify every possible source of compensation and also fights for maximum recovery. Some of our notable cases include

Understanding Your Rights After a Construction Accident in New York
Millions of hardworking men and women in America make a living in the construction and structure trades. From domestic systems to marketable high- rises to government structure systems, people in a range of different trades.

Because of the essential nature of these jobs, New York has special laws in place specifically to cover construction and structure workers. Construction workers who are injured on the job hourly have multiple options for pursuing compensation for the losses they suffer
A worker may be suitable to bring a particular injury action against a contractor or construction point proprietor to recover payment for their pain and suffering, medical charges, and loss of stipend and benefits. You can frequently do this indeed if the contractor or proprietor had nothing to do with your accident.
In addition, a person injured in a construction accident on the job can make a claim for workers ’ compensation benefits to cover medical charges and part of their lost stipend while out of work.
still, they may be suitable to file for Social Security Disability benefits, depending on their age, If the worker becomes impaired from work in a construction point accident.
At The Perecman establishment, we handle all three of these claims and fight every day for workers who were injured in construction accidents that should noway have happed. Let us put our knowledge and chops to work for you.

What Types of Compensation Can I Recover?
The types of losses that you can sue to be compensated for in a action are called “ damages. ”
When you bring a action for a construction accident, there are certain types of damages that you’re entitled to try to recover. These include

Physical and emotional pain and suffering
history and future lost stipend/ earnings and borderline benefits
History and unborn medical charges
corrective damages in extreme cases
What Is Covered by Workers ’ Compensation?
In New York, if you’re injured while performing diurnal work tasks, you’re eligible to file a workers ’ compensation claim. The benefits handed through workers ’ compensation can include

Full content of medical costs
Partial compensation for lost stipend
Death benefits
In cases where negligence is involved ─ whether on your part or your employer’s ─ you’re still entitled to workers ’ presentation benefits.

Determining Liability for a Construction Accident
The issue of who’s responsible under the law is called “ liability, ” and it’s the first issue that needs to be figured out by an attorney handling your construction accident case. Luckily, New York’s special laws guarding construction workers give ways to hold possessors, contractors, and their agents on construction spots responsible for the safety and well- being of their workers indeed if they weren’t involved directly with your accident.

This is veritably important because possessors, general contractors, construction directors, subcontractors, and other companies on construction spots have different types and quantities of insurance content that can affect your capability to get full compensation for your injuries and losses.

Exactly who should be sued in any given construction accident case can be a delicate question to answer. Your case is best left to an educated and knowledgeable construction accident counsel in New York City.

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